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This programme looks at the way wars were fought, and the way wars will possibly be fought in the future, with computers.
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Module code and title: T305, Digital communications
Item code: T305; 02
First transmission date: 1998
Published: 1998
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Duration: 00:29:55
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Producer: Cameron Balbirnie
Contributors: Stephen Badsey; Howard Frank; Dan Kuehl
Publisher: BBC Open University
Footage description: Footage - Computer graphics. Army in battle in the desert. Dan Kuehl talking. Archive film of cannons in war. Soldiers marching. Fighter planes on the runway. Dan Kuehl. Stealth fighter plane. Cockpit. Pilot in the plane. Bomb exploding on a target (0'02"-1'57") - Painting of the battle at Waterloo. Stephen Badsey talking. Cannons firing. Soldiers charging from the trenches. Archive film of Robert Oppenheimer. Atomic bomb exploding. Man using a computer. Street view of a cinema. Automated video library. Rafael Moreu talking (1'58"-4'22") - Mans face. Computer. Rafael Moreu. Man talking in scene from the film Hackers. Satellite navigation system. Dan Keuhl. Images of people interspersed with images of technology. Howard Frank talking. Hacking technology. Man using computer. Man drinking (4'23"-8'02") - Images of technology. Men using computer. Computer screen. Stephen Badsey. Mudge talking and walking through office. Images of technology. Mudge. Man using computer. Howard Frank.Man loading spools of tape onto a machine. Communications room. People using early computers. Traffic on road. Mudge. Typing on a keyboard (8'03"-11'45") - Archive film of bombing. Fighter planes. Japanese pilot. Fighter planes. Bombing. Burning ships. Howard Frank. Fighter plane at night. Warfare at night. Mike McConnell talking. Satellite in space. Satellite pictures of Earth. Mike McConnell. People walking in a corridor. John Arquilla talking. David Ronfeldt talking. John Arquilla. Men walking by ocean. John Arquilla (11'46"-16'01") - Mike McConnell. John Arquilla. Footage of Mike McConnell giving a speech. High rise buildings. City scenery. Arial view of city. Mike McConnell. Dean Rich talking. Mike McConnell (16'02"-18'32") - Modem. Weld Pond talking. Mudge. Lopht logo. Scrolling screen. Men testifying to Senate committee. Mudge. Electricity pylons. Federal reserve building. Senate committee. Kelli Arena talking. Mudge. Typing on a keyboard. Numbers on screen. Computer graphics. Cars on the road. View from train. Security control booth. Corridors. Computer graphics. Dean Rich. Computer hacking. Computer graphics. Mudge. Mike McConnell. Crowds in street interspersed with images of war (18'33"-23'53") - Howard Frank. Viruses under microscope. Crowds walking down the street. Francis Wood talking. Clay soldiers. Dan Keuhl. Stephen Badsey. Arlington National Cemetery. Man walking in cemetery. Neil Munro talking. Cemetery. Grave stone. Cemetery. Stephen Badsey. Aeroplanes. Radio operator. Navigator. Radio operator. Bombing raid. Buildings on fire. Stephen Badsey (23'54"-28'29").
Master spool number: DOU9693
Production number: FOUT580E
Videofinder number: 6729
Available to public: no