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Module code and title: T102, Living with technology: a foundation course
Item code: T102; 507; 1998
Series: Writing a report
First transmission date: 1998
Published: 1998
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Duration: 00:49:28
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Robert Clark; Elisabeth Geake; Dick Morris; Colin Tudge
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Book Reviews; Gathering Information; Information Technology; News Report; Scientific Journalist; Teleworking; Water Consumption
Footage description: Footage - Man walking on desolate beach. Seagulls. Reporter Elizabeth Geake talking at her desk. Cover of New Scientist magazine. Elizabeth talking. Indy car article from New Scientist by Elizabeth Geake (0'45"-4'34") - Elizabeth walking in London. Elizabeth entering the Institution of Electrical Engineers building. Elizabeth taking notes at a lecture by Prof. Ian Young. Slides of brain images. Elizabeth talking to Prof. Young (4'35"-7'46") - Waves crashing onto beach. Elizabeth talking. Article by Elizabeth Geake. Elizabeth talking (7'47"-9'47") - Book spines on shelf. Book: "Last animals at the zoo" by Colin Tudge. Shelves in office. Colin Tudge at word processor (10'42"-11'17") - Colin talking. Waves. Colin talking. Desolate beach. Colin talking. Waves (11'18"-19'04") - Still photos showing drought. Car driving past new housing development. Traffic. New homes. Housing development site (19'15"-21'24"). Reservoir. New housing estate. Slow motion water pouring from taps into basin. Water meter (21'25"-24'04") - BBC Newsnight clip 19/7/95: people in park sunbathing. Map of Britain's water authorities. Engineers working. Central office. Leaking pipe. Fountain in garden. Woman gardening. Man washing car. Engineer fitting water meter. Group with placards (24'13"-28'02") - BBC News clip 3/1/96: Water pouring from outside tap into bucket. Queue of people in street waiting to collect water. Thames water board central office. People collecting water. Brewery shots (28'03-30'25") - BBC News clip 27/2/97: Flooding in village. Press conference. Woman watering with hosepipe. Low reservoir. Man installing water meter. Man fishing in river. Woman filling kettle (30'26"-32'20") - BBC News clip 1/4/98: Man filling kitchen sink with water. Man bathing baby. Reservoir. Woman using hosepipe. Man installing water meter (32'21"-34'21"). BBC Panorama clip 12/5/97: Trees with bright sun behind. New York: city scenes. Men installing new toilets. Views of apartment blocks. Men installing toilets and shower heads. Woman talking. Men removing old toilets and smashing them (34'22"-37'09") - New York scenes. Leak detection units working. Testing station. Meeting room (37'10"-41'13") - Queens suburb: houses. Residents talking. Traffic. Blocks of flats. Slow motion water pouring from tap. Graph. Brooklyn Bridge. Slow motion tractor ploughing dry earth (41'14"-44'56") - BBC News clip 23/6/97: People collecting water in Zululand. UK children brushing teeth. Woman filling dishwasher. African woman washing dishes, tending crops. UK woman watering garden. Family driving to school. African children walking. Woman carrying wood. Kettle on fire. UK woman filling washing machine. African family in hut (44'57"-49'00).
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