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This programme looks at the history of fossil fuel production and usage in the U.K., and investigates some alternative energy sources for the future.
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Module code and title: T206, Energy for a sustainable future
Item code: T206; VCR
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 00:37:13
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Producer: Anne-Marie Gallen
Contributors: Janice Acquah; Colin Campbell; Mike Hulme; G. J.(Geoffrey J.) Jenkins; Mark Moody-Stuart; Rosemary Preece; Rachel Warren; Jim Watson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Clean Air Act, 1956; Town gas
Subject terms: Acid rain--Environmental aspects; Automobiles--Pollution control devices; Coal mines and mining--Great Britain; Electricity; Energy consumption; Floods--Great Britain; Fossil fuels; Gas fields--North Sea; Gas industry; Global warming; Greenhouse gases--Environmental aspects; Oil fields--North Sea; Pollution--Environmental aspects; Renewable energy sources--Great Britain; Smog; Transportation--Environmental aspects--Great Britain
Footage description: Footage - Electricity Pylon at sunset. Chimney at sunset. Hospital and car park. MRI Scanner. Power generators. Entrance to hospital. Old terraced houses. Title 'Energy for a Sustainable Future'. Transport clips - Lorries, Planes. Examples of high energy consumption. Electricity pylons. Banks of televisions in shops - High speed trains. Crowds in shopping centre (high speed / time - lapse.) Woman putting washing into washing machine. Neon lights in the city. Arc de Triomphe. Oil rig flyby. Oil fields panorama. Oil Pumps. Digger moving coal heaps. Miners mining. Gas rig burning gas. Electricity Pylon. Busy motorway close- up. Car on road, drivers view. Panorama of Tokyo at night, neon lights. Large active polluting chimney. Miners mining. Flooded town, submerged cars. Title 'Coal' on solid coal background. Miners using pickaxes, chalking up loads on a board, carrying coal by hand. Burning coal. Panorama of countryside around mine. Coking ovens burning coal. Furnace smelting iron ore. Coal trucks carrying coal underground. Steam train pulling coal carriages. (0'0" - 3'43") Train tracks. Steam Ships aerial view. Man stoking steam boiler. Coal being weighed at the docks. Dock workers moving coal on sack barrows. Rosemary Preece talks. Coal rail trucks transporting coal. Women hand sorting coal. Miners underground mining. (3'44" - 5'20") Rachel Pearce talks. Miners pushing coal trucks underground. Miners working underground.(5'21" - 5.40") Title - 'Coal and Lighting'. Coal trucks being unloaded by automatic unloader. (5'41" - 6'09") Rachel Pearce talks. Brick Chimney. Gas Museum, Fakenham, external view. Town Gas plant, historical building. Retort Ovens in Town Gas plant. Coal burning close- up. Large gas transport pipes. Gas Storage buildings. Rachel Pearce talks.(06'10" - 07'00"). Large pipe works. Old gas streetlight, close- up Gas Mantle close- up. Title 'Coal and Electricity'. (07'01" - 07'43"). Steam powered engine, piston detail. Steam turbine room & generator. Pressure gauge close- up. Turbine room. Various trams in London. Power Station panorama & large polluting chimneys. Pylons and Power lines.(07'44" - 8'50"). Aerial view of power station. Large chimneys. Modern Miners underground. External view of mine works and heavy machinery. (08'51" - 9.39") Title 'Coal and Pollution'. Smog. Chimneys. (09'38" - 10'05") Rachel Warren talks. Aerial view of London under smog. Traffic in smog. People in smog. London under smog. Steam train. Terraced housing. Rachel Warren speaks.(10'06" - 11'50"). Open fire in the home. Man stoking home fire. Flames close- up, bright blue/ red/ magenta. Rachel Warren talks. Landscape view of chimneys (industrial"). Smog in London. Black forest in foggy weather. Close- up of acid rain damage to Black forest. Chimneys (industrial"). Landscape of surface mining. Close- up of automated 'mining machines' drills and coal crushing. Coal travelling along conveyor belt. Flyby of disused mine.(11'51" - 15'00") Title - 'Oil'. Oil pumps in oilfields. (15'01" - 15'25") Colin Campbell talks. Oil tower drilling. Oil gushing out of pump. Oil pumps in oilfields panorama. Men rolling barrels of oil. Old cars. People driving very early cars. Man refuelling a ship from pipeline. Early petrol driven ships. Panorama of oil fields and pumps. (15'26" - 17'09") Mark Moody Stuart talks. Detail of drilling bit. Oil Fields. Busy USA Highway. Oil Storage. Industrial Landscape. 1960's cars queuing for fuel. Closed petrol stations. Mark Moody Stuart talks.(17'10" - 18'46").Oil close- up. Pouring oil. (18'47 " - 19'00") Colin Campbell talks. (19'01" - 19'32") Oil Platform being erected in North Sea. Drilling bit detail. (19'56") Colin Campbell Talks. Oil Pumps in Oil Fields. (19'57" - 20'20") Mark Moody Stuart talks.(20'21" - 20'40") Motorway traffic, car exhaust detail. (20'41" - 20'56") Title, 'Oil and Pollution"). Garage forecourt with cars refuelling. USA Highway.(20'57" - 21'35") Smog Landscape over LA. USA Highway. Various roads and cars driving. Bad exhaust from a lorry. Truck and lorries driving. Plane taking off. Trains speeding past. Oilrig at sea.(21'36" - 23'09") Title 'Natural Gas'. Gas cooker igniting. Gas platform at sea. Burning gas from gas platform. Gas platform at night all lit up. Laying pipeline, welding. Man laying pipes. Domestic appliance shop. People buying a cooker. Gas engineer fitting equipment.(23'10" - 24'25") Jim Watson talks. British Gas van pulls up. Natural gas conversion kit for old open hearth fires. Gas fire. Old hearth. Man lighting gas fire with a match. (24'26" - 24'58") Jim Watson talks. Workmen on building site, cranes. Jim Watson talks.(24'59" - 25'20") Gas drill burning. Gas platform at sea. Shoreham power station external view. Inside Shoreham power station. Gas compression station. Gas turbine housing. Jim Watson talks in background " - > Diagram of gas turbine first stages. Diagram of gas turbine second stages. Diagram concerning Heat Recovery steam generator. Large gas pipe detail. Electricity substation. Jim Watson finishes talking in background <" - . Electricity pylons. Power station landscape. Titles, 'Future' (25'21" - 29'10") Mine Landscape. Oil rig at sea. Geologist talks in background " - >. Open fire in front room.(29'11" - 31'10") Oil drilling. Oil rig at sea. Gas rig at sea. Men Drilling detail. Geologist finishes talking <" - Title 'Future and Pollution'. Silhouette of power station, chimneys. Aerial views of pollution. Thick black smoke. (31'11" - 34'22") Geoff Jenkins talks. Flooded town and cars. Flooded river. People in flood. (34'23" - 35'46") Geoff Jenkins talks.(35'47" - 36'18") Mike Hulme talks. Flooding, Pumping flood water. Ducks on flood water.(36'19" - 36'50") Geoff Jenkins talks. Colin Campbell talks. Hydrogen pump, frozen up. Car refilling with Gas at fuel station. Field of Solar panels. Wind generator next to electricity pylon. Power lines. Pollution. Sky. End. (38'50")
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