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This programme looks at the way hospitals consume energy and how it may be conserved in the future
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Module code and title: T206, Energy for a sustainable future
Item code: T206; VCR3
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 00:37:11
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Producer: Anne-Marie Gallen
Contributors: Janice Acquah; Lorraine Brayford; Mike Frankum; Colin Homans; Brian Latham; John Lowery; Judy Withers
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Heating; John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford; Lighting; NHS; Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford; Wansbeck General Hospital, Ashington, Northumbria
Subject terms: Energy conservation; Energy consumption; Hospitals--Power supply; Hospitals; Renewable energy sources--Great Britain; Wind turbines
Footage description: Footage - People entering hospital. Canteen food being served. MRI Scanner operating. Ultrasound scan, view of scan. Shots of various electrical hospital equipment. (00'00" - 01'00") Gas meter counting up, close- up. (01'23") Washing machine turning. Single smoking chimney, panorama. (01'01" - 01'50"), Terraced houses panorama with Chimney in background. (01'51" - 02'15") Brian Latham speaks. MRI Scanner operating, Ultrasound scan display. Beside nurse placing oxygen ask onto patient. People walking through hospital corridors. Entrance to hospital. (02'16" - 03'00") Lorraine Brayford speaks. Aerial view of hospital and housing. Brian Latham speaks. (03'01" - 04'00") Lorraine Brayford speaks. Driving past the front of the hospital. Ambulance leaving the hospital. Front view of the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford. Pan out to include fountain in front of grounds. External view of hospital, panorama. Chimney detail. View inside boiler room. 4 large boilers, pan and detail. Large old brick chimney. Large modern vents. CHP unit in boiler room. Generator in boiler room. View of soundproof box housing CHP and generator. Detail of gas meters. Heat exchangers, pan and detail. CHP water temperature display. Radiators in wards. CHP Pan and detail to Gas Fired backup boilers. Other boilers pan and detail. KWh meter detail. External view of large modern vents. Diagram showing efficiency of CHP over traditional power stations. (04'01" - 09'00") Colin Homans speaks. External view of Modern metal vents & chimneys, pan and detail. Various medical display screens and IT displays. X - Ray being taken. MRI scanner operational. (09'01" - 09'53") Ultrasound scan being taken. View of blood pumps / automatic feeder pumps. View from one end of MRI scanner as person moves through . View of electric lifting bed. Computer screens. View of bright lighting in surgery room, surgeons wearing gowns, operation in progress. View of external windows from 1887. External view, pan, showing fluorescent lights through the old windows. Patient with visitors. (09'54" - 11'30") Nurse speaks. View of corridor, general flow of people moving through. Boiler room view. Instrumentation detail, dials etc.. View of Data collection equipment for Building Management System. Close- up of buttons being operated. Boiler room view, pan and detail. External view of Radcliffe Infirmary. (11'31" - 14'51") Titles, 'The John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford' External view in the dark, windows lit up in distance. (14'52" - 15'25") View of courtyard with white walls. Inside ward overlooking courtyard. Brightly lit ward. External view showing lights used through windows. View of busy corridor. View at night, spot lights and windows. Detail views of heating and ventilation ducts. Busy corridor. View of ward. View of open window, detail of latch being open. View of thermometer. External view of hospital in daylight. View of plant room boilers. Boiler room pipes pan and detail. View of absorption chillers, Fans and ducting. Detail of vent. Detail view of laser printer printing. View of office in general use. (15'26" - 18'20") Plant room detail. Heat and air conditioning units. Getting into a lift. Detail of lift motors and winches. Time Lapse shot of elevator lobby,. Testing the temperature of pre - packed food. Opening the packed food. View of hot water heaters for kitchens. Checking temperature and delivering food. View of electric truck taking food trays through wards. Electricity Pylon. Diagram on efficiency and distribution of energy consumption. Large modern chimney. Gas meter measuring gas in cubic feet. Main boilers pan and detail. External view of hospital entrance. (18'21" - 22'18") Wansbeck general Hospital Ashington. External view at night. View of revolving doors at entrance. View of sliding doors at entrance. Wind turbine pan and detail. (22'19" - 23'15") John Lowry speaks. Turbine Fans. Control panel detail. (23'16" - 24'10") John Lowry speaks. Plan view of plant. View of gas burner and instrumentation detail. View of gas meter counting up. Electric meters counting electric units used. View of building in background reflected by mirrored panels. (24'11" - 26'20") A guest speaks. View of KWh meter. Pipework detail. Large refrigeration compressor. View of Fan units on the roof. Internal switch detail on fan. View of Heat Exchangers, pipework and detail. Ventilation ducts in a suspended ceiling. Fans in boiler room. View of modular boilers, pan and detail. View of hot water boiler. Fans. Calorifier. BMS sensors. View of sterilisation machine as it dips, waits and collects a tray of equipment to be sterilised. Transferring equipment to special bags and placing into steam sterilisation unit. Display of temperature, 135 Deg. Emptying steriliser. Deep Frying chips. Meal trays stacked up. Preparing and stacking the trays. Battery tug taking food around hospital. Nurse making beds. Collecting the laundry, loading into van. Delivering laundry. Washing the laundry. Folding and re - packing the laundry. Inside Foyer of hospital. Aerial view of hospital showing courtyards. View of 2 floors and the sloping roof. Inside ward, view of bed head lights. External view of second level glazing. View of wind turbine.
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