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This programme consists of 4 bands. The first investigates how astronauts may survive the journey to Mars, specifically using plants and algae to support life during space travel. The second is di...vided into two parts and looks at two major public food scares that have occured in Britain since the 1980s: Alar and BSE. The third reviews the measures taken during Britain's last foot and mouth outbreak two years ago, and the fourth part investigates how East Anglian water companies are coping with the increase in population in this, the driest area of Britain.
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Module code and title: T210, Environmental control and public health
Item code: T210; VCR1
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 02:00:23
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Producer: Michael Peet
Contributors: Joan Albiol; Karen Allen; Peter Allen; Roy Claude Anderson; Roy Claude Anderson; Harry Baker; Colin Berry; Melissa Berry; David Brown; Moira Bruce; Bruce Bugbee; Howard Christie; Chris Collier; Richard Frake; Josef Gitelson; Catherine Harvey; Claire Jackson; Sheila Jasanoff; Christophe Lasseur; Martin Lunn; Al Meyerhoff; Brian Olley; Alison Park; Vivienne Parry; Barry Payne; John Pinder; Rosalind Ridley; Winifred Robinson; Alexei Sayle; Ellen Silbergeld; Angela Smith; Pauline Smith; Peter Smith; Keith Stockdale; Kathy Trimmer; Ken Trimmer; Malcolm Tyrrell; Geoffrey Waters; Elizabeth Whelan;
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): ALAR; Astronauts; Biological life support; Biophysics Research Institute, Siberia; BSE; Essex and Suffolk Water Board; Foot and mouth disease; MELISSA project; NASA; Variant CJD
Subject terms: Biosphere; East Anglia (England); Epidemiology--Great Britain; Agriculture--Environmental aspects--Great Britain; Food industry and trade--Environmental aspects; Mars (Planet)--Exploration; Pesticides--Environmental aspects; Pesticides--Health aspects; Prions; Public health--Great Britain; Risk assessment--Environmental aspects; Space flight to Mars; Space--travel; Tourism; Tourism--Environmental aspects; Water treatment processes; Water-supply--Environmental aspects--Great Britain
Footage description: This compilation consists of the following bands: Growing to Mars, Evolving scientific debate and Evolving scientific policy, Foot and mouth disease, Facets of water supply
Master spool number: DOU10945
Production number: FOUT691R
Videofinder number: 6479
Available to public: no