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An investigation into various processes that impact the environment and public health such as nuclear power, waste management, traffic pollution, noise pollution and a study on how the environmenta...l and health impact of these activites can be minimised.
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Module code and title: T210, Environmental control and public health
Item code: T210; VCR2
First transmission date: 2003
Published: 2003
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Duration: 01:59:31
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Producer: Michael Peet
Contributors: Greg Archer; Alison Austin; John Ayres; John Barber; Doug Barlow; Roger Blackford; Dean Brady; Matt Button; John Carlton; Alison Cunnum; Norman Cunnum; Paul Delderfield; Pauline Edge; James Glennie; Richard Gould; John Gronow; L.(Leslie) Heasman; Jane Van Hool; Graeme Johnstone; Mark Lancaster; William Latimer; George Linney; Lorraine Man; Geoffrey Minter; Marc Murray; John parsons; Steve Phillips; Andrew Porteous; Colin Punter; Neil Reid; Gillian Reynolds; Ken Rowe; Ron Scannell; Stuart Sim; Charlie Stewart; John Thornley; Paul Tomes; Henry Welbourne; Selwyn Wright;
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Air quality; Background noise; Colsoft; CROP Milton Keynes; decibel; Domestic Waste; Dounreay; Emissions; Leechates; Orkney sustainable energy; Particulates; Radioactive contamination.; Recycling; Stone mastic asphalt; Wind power
Subject terms: Air--Pollution--Measurement; Air--Pollution; Noise control; Noise pollution; Noise--Measurement; Road transport--Environmental aspects; Smog; Solvent wastes; Traffic noise; Waste (Economics); Waste (Law)--Great Britain; Waste disposal in the ground; Waste disposal in the ground--Costs; Waste disposal sites--Great Britain--Law and legislation; Waste gases; Waste minimisation; Waste products as fuel--Great Britain; Waste products--Management; Waste treatment--Great Britain
Master spool number: DOU10946
Production number: FOUT692K
Videofinder number: 6537
Available to public: no