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This programme demonstrates several science experiments which may be carried out in the home
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Module code and title: T210, Environmental control and public health
Item code: T210; VCR3
First transmission date: 2003
Published: 2003
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Duration: 00:59:31
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Producer: Michael Peet
Contributors: Mike Batham; India Fisher; Pamela Furniss; Dan Skili
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Acids; Air quality; Alkalies; Compost; Experimental design; Germination; Sediments; Sound--Measurement; Water--Dissolved oxygen
Footage description: This compilation consists of the following bands: Getting started (part 1: the work area and protective clothing; part 2: the pH meter), Water experiments (part 1: water hardness; part 2: dissolved oxygen), Properties of a waste-derived compost (part 1: collecting the compost; part 2: using the decanted sediment-free extract; part 3: germination-some contrasting examples), The sound level meter and Biomonitoring of air quality
Master spool number: DOU10947
Production number: FOUT693E
Videofinder number: 6379
Available to public: no