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This programme was filmed in Svalbard and Northern Norway in winter and summer. It compares two types of reindeer, thae mainland species, Rangifer tarrandus with the Svalbard sub-species, Rangifer ...tarrandus platyhynchus. In so doing it shows how through evolution these very different types of reindeer have adapted to the sub arctic and high arctic environments of Northern Norway and Svalbard respectively.
Metadata describing this Open University video programme
Module code and title: S365, Evolution
Item code: S365; 01; US version
First transmission date: 1992
Published: 1992
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Duration: 00:24:12
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributor: Caroline Pond
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Behaviour; Evolution; Svalbard Norway; Winter/summer reindeer adaption
Subject terms: Animals--Adaptation; Reindeer
Master spool number: HOU6719
Production number: HAP324
Videofinder number: 3768
Available to public: no