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This programme traces the development of a specific group of insecticides - the synthetic pyrethroids. Pyrethrum is a naturally occuring substance with insecticidal activity, although it is unstabl...e in sunlight. In the 1940s, Rothamsted experimental station started a long term research project on pyrethrum, with the aim of making synthetic variations with improved properties. We trace that development up to the modern compounds that are in use today, and which represent an export market of £300-400 million pounds annually for the UK. The pure research at Rothamsted is contrasted with a commercial company - Shell who are involved in licensing compounds for industrial use.
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Module code and title: S325, Biochemistry and cell biology
Item code: S325; 09; Re-ed
First transmission date: 1986
Published: 1986
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Duration: 00:24:24
Note: This programme is a shortened version of S325/09.
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Producer: Hendrik Ball
Contributors: Michael Elliott; Andrew Farnham; John Fisher; Norman Janes; Barry Paine; David Robinson; Peter Wilson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bioresmethrin; Insecticidal activity; Isomer; LD50; Mode-of-action; Pyrethrin; Receptor; Spodoptera; Synthetic pyrethroid; Topical drop application
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Production number: HOU5380
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