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This video contains two bands. Band A, Electromagnetic waves, accompanies Unit 12 and introduces the idea of an electromagnetic wave and shows how a wave equation can be derived from Maxwell's Equa...tions. Band C, Plane polarized waves, accompanies Unit 13 and investigates two important properties of electromagnetic waves, plane-ness and polarization, and shows how plane-polarized waves can be used to model real world phenomena.
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Module code and title: SMT356, Electromagnetism
Item code: SMT356; VCR3 A and C
Published: 1989
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Duration: 00:19:00
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Producer: Andrew Adamyk
Contributors: Andrew Durrant; Ray Mackintosh
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Plane wave; Sine wave
Subject terms: Electromagnetic waves; Lasers; Polarization; Wave equation
Footage description: Band A: Electromagnetic waves -- Band C: Plane polarized waves
Master spool number: HOU7148
Production number: HOU7148
Videofinder number: 4470
Available to public: no