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This programme examines an ethnographic study of British pubs
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Module code and title: DD201, Sociology and society
Item code: DD201; 02
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 00:29:15
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Producer: Claire Lasko
Contributors: Jo Cumming; Joe Duttine; Julian Grocock; Chris Holmes; Karen Jones; Linda Kelso; Neil Kelso; Andrew Knight; Robert Parker; Diane Watson; Tony Watson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Alcohol; Breweries; Ethnography; Pub; Punch Retail; Tradition
Footage description: Footage - Opening titles (0'01"-0'25") View of car park. 2 males walk across road. 2males climb stairs and walk over bridge. External shot of the Victoria Hotel. 2 Males enter. Various shots of bar person and 2 males. Various shots of bar person, 2 males and film crew outside the Victoria Hotel (0'26"-1'51") Wine bottles. External view of "Old Parrs Head". Female enters Old Parrs Head. Various shots of people in pub. Diane Watson. View of PC. Diane Watson (1'52"-3'02") B/w still Swiss Hotel. B/w still Salford. B/w still of a snug. B/w still men playing dominoes. B/w still of man in pub. Diane Watson. Snap shots of the scene in the pub. Diane Watson (3'03"-5'33") Diane Watson greets Chris Holmes. Diane Watson and Chris Holmes get into a car. Diane and Chris in car interserpsed with Diane Watson. (5.34"-6'49") car pulls up Diane and Chris leave car. External shots of Victoria Hotel. Tony Watson. Keyboard. Fingers on keyboard with newspaper superimposed. Tony Watson (6'50"-8'20") Various views of a town. Tony Watson. Diane Watson and Chris Holmes. Tony Watson (8'21"-9'52") Shots of a dimly lit bar. Diane Watson. Menu board. Female pulls a pint. Diane Watson (9'53"-11'12") External view of 'Live and let live' public house. Various shots of Diane and Chris in the car. Car pulls up at a site. Diane and Chris look at site. External view of a public house. Neil Kelso talking to Diane in the Victoria Hotel kitchen they are joined by Linda Kelso (11'13"-14'24") External view of the Victoria hotel. Chris Holmes at board meeting. External view of the Victoria hotel. Views at the board meeting (14'25"-16'28") Footage from Eastenders. Diane Watson. Female drinking from a bottle. Pints being pulled. Barman. Female eating in pub. Male smoking. Diane Watson. Groups on seats outside public house. Male talking. Groups on seats outside public house. male speaking (16'29"-18'16") External view of 'Peacock Inn', Redmile. Diane Watson with local historian looking atblack and whit photographs. Car pulls up. Male exits from car. Bob Parker climbs into car. Male climbs into car and drives away.. Peacock Inn. BobParker. pint of beer. Bob Parker (18'17"-22'15") Diane Watson. Bob Parker inside public house. Diane Watson. Bob Parker looking at B/w still. (23'16"-23'34") Pub signs. B/w still of beer barrels. Serveral public houses undergoing renovations. Various view of borad meeting at the Victoria hotel. External view of 'Lots Road' public house. Karen Jones. Male reading a newspaper. Male and female seated with man reading newspaper also in view.(23'35"-25'21") Andrew Knight. Wine bottles panning to bottles behind bar and 2 people at the bar. Andrew Knight. Jo Cumming. Views of 2 females inside public house. Jo Cumming. Views of women in the public house. Karen Jones (25'22"-27'34") View from Lots Road public house. Wine bottles. Empty glass and coffee cup. Blackboards. View inside public house. Karen Jones. Diane Watson at bar. Footage from Eastenders (27'35"-29'07")
Master spool number: DOU10652
Production number: JOUA112B
Videofinder number: 6168
Available to public: no