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This programme examines how Australia's National Museum in Canberra tackled the time-space co-ordinates of the nation in response to multiculturism and Aboriginal issues
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Module code and title: DD201, Sociology and society
Item code: DD201; 05
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 00:29:15
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Producer: Claire Lasko
Contributors: Bain Atwood; Tony Bennett; Dawn Casey; Isobell Coe; Ghassan Hage; Sophie Jensen; Margo Neale; Tim Rowse; Mike Smith; Wadjularbinna; Keith Windshuttle
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Subject terms: Australia--Civilisation; Australia--Cultural policy; Australia--History; Aboriginal Australians; Multiculturalism
Footage description: Footage - Opening titles. Daytime views of Bondi beach. Bathers on Bondi beach slow pan down to women and child making sandcastles. people in the sea. Swimmers. External views of the Nation Museum of Australia (NMA)(0'27"-1'10") Dawn Casey. Split screen images from NMA. Title(1'1"-1'52") ABC news. Tony Bennett watching ABC news. Man in refugee camp standing on barbed wire. Tony Bennett in chair watching TV. Isabell Coe. Aboriginal Embassy sign. Close up of T shirt panning up to Aboriginal man. 2 shots of Aboriginal faces. Aboriginal camp. Aboriginal flag. Aboriginal Embassy tent in front of old Parliament building. Various shots of Aboriginal embassy. Split screen sepia photo of Captain Philip, text superimposed. NMA painting of Aboriginal man. NMA painting-men in a boat. Isabell Coe. Aboriginal people walking along the street. Wadjularbin. Footage Aboriginal children:Children on a balcony playing:Aboriginal woman holding child. Childs face. Aboriginal people in streets and political messages on boards(1'53"-4'24") Bain Attwood with moving images in background(4'25"-5'11") External shot of War memorial. External shots of museum building. Fire burning in Olympic like cauldron. Various stained glass windows. Ghassan Hage. White man cleaning car. Watering garden. Lawnmower. External view of NMA with Tony Bennett in distance walking toward the camera(5'12"-7'45) Various shots of museum displays. Tim Rowse and Tony Bennett looking at displays. Tim Rowse. Internal views of NMA. Dawn Casey greets Prime minister John Howard and his wife at the opening of the NMA. Shots of Aboriginal dance. John Howard and guests. Aboriginal dance. Museum TV displays. Various views of the Eternity gallery. B/w photo Arthur Stace(7'46"-11'24") Sophie Jensen. Views of Visitors to the NMA and some displays. Sophie Jensen. Views of displays. Tim Rowse Views of displays. Mike Smith. Views of displays(11'25"-14'24") Aboriginal children . Aboriginal man. Aboriginal children. Tony Bennett beside John Mulvaney display. Bain Attwood. Mike Smith. Displays. B/w photos of Aboriginal men in chains. Tony Bennett. Margo Neale. Tony Bennett walking through displays. View of Video display. Bain Attwood (14'25"-18'42") Close-up of axe. Close-up of Keith Windschuttle book. Various views of displays. Dawn Casey. Museum displays. Keith Windschuttle. Bain Attwood(18'43"-22'45") Views of visitors and displays. Dawn Casey. Museum displays. Street scenes. Displays in the Horizan gallery of the NMA. Tony Bennett. Tim Rowse. Archive footage of Pauline Hanson. Street scenes. Ghassan Hage. Museum Displays. Ghassan Hage. External views of museum (22'46"-28'32")
Master spool number: DOU10655
Production number: JOUA115J
Videofinder number: 6252
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