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In this programme the lab rats face the most intense experience of their lives. They compete for a ride in the awesome F-16, the US Air Force fighter plane that can manoeuvre at a terrifying 9g. a force 9 times their own bodyweight pushing down through their heads, all their blood rushes to their feet. If they do nothing, their brains will be starved of oxygen. They have to learn a special breathing technique just to remain conscious.
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Series: Lab rats
First transmission date: 16-02-2004
Published: 2004
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Duration: 00:28:00
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Producer: Emma De'ath
Contributors: Andy Cubin; Zeron Gibson; Natheera Indrasenan; Mike Leahy; Vikki Thompson
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Subject terms: Centrifuge; Colour blindness; G-force; Gyroscopes; Motion sickness
Master spool number: BOU11184
Production number: JOUA321B
Videofinder number: 6817
Available to public: no