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In the 'Scaredy Rats' programme, the Lab Rats experience the science and psychology of fear using their own bodies as laboratories. Their vital signs are monitored to measure their terror as they u...ndergo 'Flooding Therapy'. The Flooding Therapy requires extreme exposure to their fears, in an attempt to overcome them.
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Series: Lab rats
First transmission date: 31-03-2004
Published: 2004
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Duration: 00:28:21
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Producer: Emma De'ath
Contributors: Jayne Bailey; Zeron Gibson; Mike Leahy; Alex Lowe; Peter Naish; Mark O'Shea
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Subject terms: Fear; Floodin therapy; Panic attack; Phobia
Master spool number: BOU11187
Production number: JOUA324
Videofinder number: 6821
Available to public: no