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This programme contextualises the transit of Venus on 8th June 2004. It describes previous transits of Venus and attempts to view and record them. It also explains how the transit can be used to me...asure the distance from the Earth to the Sun and how the transit can be safely viewed.
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First transmission date: 02-06-2004
Published: 2004
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Duration: 00:29:16
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Producer: Patrick Titley
Contributors: Vanessa Collingridge; Lucie Green; Adam Hart-Davis; Andy Norton; Paul Roche; Andy Wear
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Subject terms: Astronomy; Sun--Observations; Venus (Planet)--Observations; Cook, James; Gentil de la Galasiere, Guillaume; Harkness, William; Horrocks, Jeremiah; Peck-Todd, David
Production number: JOUA330Y
Videofinder number: 6850
Available to public: no