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The History detectives is a programme where history is rediscovered through investigation. Each week two fascinating stories are introduced by the viewers. The detectives examine the treasures foun...d in the attic, objects passed down through the generations and reveal the big stories behind the history hidden in our homes. The three detectives are archaeologist Neil Oliver, engineering heritage expert Claire Barratt and Dr Jeevan Deol, international historian.
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Series: History detectives
Published: 2007
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Duration: 00:29:03
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Producer: Brendan Hughes
Contributors: Claire Barrett; Simon Beattie; Simon Carter; Tristram Clarke; Jeevan Deol; Ted Hoffman; Christian Jensen; Charlie MacFarlane; Marie Mooney; Neil Oliver; Nicholas Pickwoad; Linda Ramsay; Donald Stewart; Ian Thorber; Michael Walsh
Publisher: BBC Open University Lion Television
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Subject terms: Catholicism--History; English College of St. Omers; Forgers--Great Britain; Jesus psalter; Groves, Robert E
Production number: JOUA463F
Videofinder number: 7488
Available to public: no