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Top Gear presenter James May takes a tour of the 20th century - trying out for himself some of the most surprising and influential technological advances of the past hundred years. James May's 20th... Century looks at advances in aviation, warfare, medicine and examines the strange story of how the 20th century invented teenagers.
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Series: James May's 20th century
First transmission date: 10-07-2007
Published: 2007
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Duration: 00:28:58
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Contributors: A.S.Devereux; I.R Cooper; Richard Curtis; Jim Dillon; John F Downey; M Grover; M Hislock; Jay Hollingsworth; James May; Kelly Mullins; Julian Temple
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Keyword(s): Vickers Vimy
Subject terms: History--20th century; Space Technology; Technology--20th century
Production number: JOUA472D
Videofinder number: 7477
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