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This six part series tackles the big questions about the solar system, space and the universe. This episode asks what is the cutting edge of space exploration? Adam is at the Europe's space HQ near... Amsterdam, where he learns that a European might be the first to step onto Mars. We join a group practising for a mission to the red planet, and meet a woman who wants to make it more like Earth by deliberately introducing a greenhouse effect. New ways of getting into space include an elevator direct into earth orbit and we find out what's happened to Voyager, the most distant man-made object in the Universe. The programme also discusses the merits of manned versus unmanned space exploration with the Open University's Dr. David Rothery.
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Series: The cosmos a beginner's guide
Episode 4
Published: 2007
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Duration: 00:30:00
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Producer: Mark Jacobs
Contributors: Maggie Aderin; Adam Hart-Davis; Janet Sumner
Publisher: BBC Open University Screenhouse Productions
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Subject terms: Planets--Exploration; Universe
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Production number: JOUA478S
Videofinder number: 7756
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