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This programme looks at the environmental transport strategies some hospitals are developing;This programme consists of the following bands: Demand-led strategies: Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, Sup...ply-side strategies: Donau Klinikum, Tulln and Greening the technology: hydrogen fuels, Germany
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Module code and title: T206, Energy for a sustainable future
Item code: T206; VCR1
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 00:34:45
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Producer: Anne-Marie Gallen
Contributors: Janice Acquah; Jonathan Bayliss; Wofgang Bermeister; Lorraine Brayford; Andrew Davies; Beatrix Moreno; Manfred Muehlberger; Carey Newson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Car parking; Derriford Hospital, Plymouth; Donau Klinikum, Tulln, Austria; Munich airport; NHS; Traffic congestion
Subject terms: Electric power production--Environmental aspects; Energy conservation; Energy consumption; Hospitals; Hydrogen as fuel; Recycling (Waste, etc); Renewable energy sources; Traffic congestion--Great Britain; Transportation--Environmental aspects
Footage description: Footage - Energy Efficiency in Hospitals. MRI Scanner. Power generators. Hospital Entrance. Terraced houses. Taxi and bus pull up. Hospital entrance with waiting ambulance. People getting into taxi. Lorraine Brayford talks. Traffic Warden moving on a car. Road junction with heavy traffic. Hospital entrance, queue of traffic. Close- up of ambulance parking. Bus driving along. Ambulance driving. Hospital entrance, general traffic passing by. (00'00" - 02'55") Title, 'Demand Led Strategies'. Entrance to car park, car enters. Car parking. Lower half of bodies of people walking toward camera. (02'56" - 03'12") Carey speaks. (03'12" - 03.23"), Road junction with heavy traffic. (03.23" - 03'45") Andrew Davies speaks.( 03'46" - 04'00") Car Park Panorama. Staff car parking permit close- up. Car Park. Driveway. Card swipe. Barrier raising. Barrier Falling. (04'01" - 04'40") Carey speaks. People talking. People get out of car. Traffic Warden uses handheld computer. Traffic warden stick ticket to car. Map of car park. Ticket dispenser. Ticket close- up. Warden moving some cars on. Someone parking a car. Warden speaking on Walky Talky. Close- up of parking ticket voucher. 'Have you paid and displayed'. Traffic warden helping people. Panorama of car park. Warden writing ticket. Busses driving along. People at bus stop. Bus stopping. Busses at the hospital. (04'41" - 08'25") Jonathan Bayliss talks. Long queue of buses. People getting onto a bus. People crossing the road. Close- up of bus ticket. Inside the bus, lots of people. Bus drivers view of journey.( 08'26" - 12'00") Andrew Davies speaks. Bicycles. Person on bike on the road. Person locking up bicycle. Line of mopeds and motorcycles. Front of hospital. Car parks. Aerial view of car park. Warden helping people park their car. Cars driving away. (12'01" - 14'56") Title, 'Supply side strategies'. Donau Klinikum Hospital entrance. Field next to hospital with Lambs and Sheep. ISO140001 sign.( 14'56" - 15'25") Beatrix Monero talks. Muehl Berger talks. Truck drives away. Medical supplies truck being loaded and unloaded with hydraulic platform. Linen truck being loaded and unloaded. Inside hospital canteen. Food displays and clean cutlery. People serving food. Delivery truck - Vegetables arriving and being unloaded. Refrigerated storage at the hospital. Car being refuelled. Electric car being charged. Electric car being driven. Post being collected by electric car. Outside local post office. Post office truck driving. Postage racking. Delivering supplies by electric car. Electric car driving. Local German pharmacy. Lambs / Sheep in field next to hospital eating grass. Loading a waste recycler. Bottle recycling. Collecting the waste skips. Skip truck driving away. Aerial view of motorway. (15'25" - 23'41") Title, 'Greening the Technology'. (23'42" - 23'48") Plane taking off. Busses at airport. Airport ground traffic. View inside airport bus.( 23'49" - 25'00") Getting off the bus. Hydrogen filling station, hydrogen filler. Hydrogen compressor. Electrolysis tanks. Hydrogen storage containers. Hydrogen filling point. View of Munich airport. Filling station. Paying by credit card. Automatic filling station. Hydrogen delivery truck. Hydrogen tank in car boot. Filling station prices. Fuel cell detail. Bus driving to hospital. View of ambulances, aerial view of hospital. Bus driving away. End.
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