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The first band looks at the paintings of the artist Goya across his lifetime. Band 2 explores female portraiture in order to shed light on the social and political status of women in Napoleonic Eur...ope, and band 3 shows how the religious ideas which developed in three different areas in Britain led to ideas for social action.
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Module code and title: A207, From Enlightenment to Romanticism c.1780-1830
Item code: A207; VCR2
First transmission date: 2003
Published: 2003
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Duration: 01:31:31
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track listing for this programme
Track 1 Goya
Track 2 Women and portraiture in Napoleonic Europe
Track 3 Evangelicalism, slavery and urban community
Producer: Charles Chabot
Contributors: Juliet Wilson Bareau; Emma Barker; Stewart J Brown; Madge Dresser; Angelica Goodden; Tony Halliday; Bruce Hindmarsh; Aileen Ribiero; Francisco Calvo Serraller; Janis Tomlinson; Linda Walsh; Helen Weston; John Wolffe
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Elizabeth Vigee LeBrun; Olney, Buckinghamshire; Thomas Chalmers
Subject terms: Art and society--Spain; Art, European--18th century; Art, European--19th century; Enlightenment--Europe; Evangelicalism--History--18th century; Romanticism; Slavery--Great Britain--Anti-slavery movements--History; Cowper, William, 1731-1800; David, Jacques Louis, 1748-1825 Criticism and interpretation; Goya, Francisco, 1746-1828 Criticism and interpretation; Newton, John, 1725-1807; Wesley, John, 1703-1791; Bristol (England) --History --18th century; --Glasgow (Scotland) --History
Footage description: This compilation consists of the following bands: Goya; Women and portraiture in Napoleonic Europe; and Evangelicalism, slavery and urban community
Master spool number: DOU50015
Production number: JOUZ016N
Videofinder number: 6504
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