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This programme looks at the implementation of renewable energy sources in the UK and Europe
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Module code and title: T206, Energy for a sustainable future
Item code: T206; VCR2; 2003
First transmission date: 2003
Published: 2003
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Duration: 00:55:14
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Producer: Anne-Marie Gallen
Contributors: Janice Acquah; Gijs Van den Boomen; Max Carcas; Hugh Clearhill; John Doddrell; Hugh Edmundson; Peter Fraenkel; Roger Higman; David Langston; Dalton Linkletter; Eric Lysen; Sandy Painter; Huub den Rooijen; Hannah Routh; David Stills; Gerhard Stryi-Hipp; Franz Vlek
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Biomass energy; Climatic changes--Government policy--European Union countries; Fossil fuels--Environmental aspects; Photovoltaic power systems; Renewable energy sources--Europe; Renewable energy sources--Great Britain; Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution; Solar energy; Tidal power; Waste products as fuel; Water-power; Wind power; Wind turbines
Footage description: This programme consists of the following 3 bands: Renewable energy today, Wave and tidal power, Towards a sustainable future.
Master spool number: DOU50032
Production number: JOUZ033N
Videofinder number: 6483
Available to public: no