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An overview of French, German and English renewable energy policies for the future, and examinations of current renewable energy projects and the historical changes in energy policy.
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Module code and title: T206, Energy for a sustainable future
Item code: T206; VCR6
First transmission date: 2003
Published: 2003
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Duration: 00:56:38
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Producer: Anne-Marie Gallen
Contributors: Bendt Bendtsen; Tom Blundell; Jean-Pierre Bourdier; Richard Coates; John Doddrell; Carsten Doergaard; Bill Dunster; Angelika Heinzel; Roger Higman; J.(Joachim) Luther; Erik Lysen; Preben Maegaard; Dominique Mailard; Niels Meyer; Catherine Mitchell; George Salvamoser; Hermann Schoer; Bertram Spath; John Talbot; Tore Torp
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): BedZED, Beddington, South London.; Eco village; Fraunhofer Institute
Subject terms: Climatic changes; Conservation of natural resources; Energy conservation; Energy policy--France; Energy policy--Germany (West); Energy policy--Great Britain; Pollution; Renewable energy sources--France; Renewable energy sources--Germany; Renewable energy sources--Great Britain; Solar energy; Wind power
Master spool number: DOU50033
Production number: JOUZ034H
Videofinder number: 6509
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