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The first band is divided into 5 sections: The Encyclopedie, Advances in medicine, The Classics, Humanity and the noble savage, Frederick the Great and enlightened absolutism. Band 2 looks at Don Giovanni, and band 3 explores the work of Jean Jacques Rousseau.
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Module code and title: A207, From Enlightenment to Romanticism c.1780-1830
Item code: A207; VCR1
First transmission date: 2003
Published: 2003
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Duration: 00:51:18
Note: Known to the BBC as A207/VCR8
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Band 1a{ The Encyclopedie
Track 2 Band 1b: Advances in medicine
Track 3 Band 1c: The Classics
Track 4 Band 1d: Humanity and the noble savage
Track 5 Band 1e: Frederick the Great and enlightened absolutism
Track 6 Band 2: Staging Don Giovanni
Track 7 Band 3: the work of Jean Jacques Rousseau
Producer: Sarah Carr
Contributors: Giles Barber; Donald Burrows; Maurice Cranston; Christopher Lawrence; Anthony Lentin; Andrew Sachs; Linda Walsh
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ignatius Sandro; Inoculation small pox; Keddlestone Hall Derbyshire; Olandau Equiano
Subject terms: Art and science; Art, European--18th century; Enlightenment--Europe; Opera; Opera--Production and direction; Romanticism; Slavery--Anti-slavery movements--History--18th century; Voltaire, 1694-1778; Diderot, Denis, 1713-1784; Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778
Footage description: This video is a compilation of previous Open University programmes to serve as an introduction to some of the key themes of the Enlightenment. It is split into three bands.
Master spool number: DOU50093
Production number: JOUZ071P
Videofinder number: 82725
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