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This video consists of 5 bands. Band 1: Early Research, looks at how research on the way children were cared for in hospital was disseminated and recieved and why it took so long for its findings t...o be put into practice. Band 2: Young people as researchers, looks at how children and young people are now able to take the lead in some or all aspects of the research process. Band 3: Finding a research question, illustrates the process by which research questions are first formulated and ultimately funnelled into hypotheses. Band 4: Data data everywhere, shows how raw data that was collected in band 3 can be used by researchers. Band 5: Professionals and research, examines how research has impacted on practice.
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Module code and title: EK310, Research with children and young people
Item code: EK310; VCR1
First transmission date: 2003
Published: 2003
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Duration: 02:02:08
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Producer: Michael Peet
Contributors: John Bowlby; Freda Davis; Kate Goodson; Clive Hayward; Lorraine Hilton; Francesca Hunt; Dharman Jeyashingham; Shoby Kapoor; Martin Kemp; Mary Lindsay; Berry Mayall; Michael.proproducer. Peet; James Robertson; Joyce Robertson; H. Rudolph Schaffer; Kingston School
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Childrens communication; Childrens talk; Inter-think; Young black carers
Subject terms: Attachment behaviour in children; Attachment disorder in children; Child development; Children--Institutional care--Psychological aspects; Joseph Rowntree Foundation; Bowlby, John--Contributions in psychotherapy
Master spool number: DOU50111
Production number: JOUZ089J
Videofinder number: 6687
Available to public: no