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Introduction by Mike Pentz. He explains uses of and construction of particle cloud chambers. Shot of a particle cloud chamber. Pentz demonstrates the cloud chamber. Shot of particle vapour trails. ...Russell Stannard explains the cathode oscilloscope. Shot of a cathode oscilloscope. Shot of cathode ray tube removed from oscilloscope. Shot of electron gun portion of the tube. Its operation is explained by Stannard. Stannard demonstrates the oscilloscope. He measures Professor Pentz 's physical reaction time. Stannard assembles an apparatus for measuring muon life. It is made up of a scintillator and a photomultiplier tube. Stannard explains the apparatus. Shot of a diagram which shows the operation of the apparatus. Arrival and decay of muons indicated on the diagram. Stannard sandwiches lead blocks between three scintillators as he completes the assembly of the muon life measuring apparatus. He continues with his description of the apparatus' function and then connects it to the oscilloscope. Pentz shows the measurements on photographs taken during the experiment. They are photographs of the oscilloscope screen. Several muon decays are recorded on one photograph. Pentz sums up the unit and gives a short preview of the next one.
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Module code and title: S100, S100 Science foundation course
Item code: S100; 02
Recording date: 1971-01-17
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Producer: Jim Stevenson
Contributors: Michael Pentz; Russell Stannard
Publisher: Open University
Subject terms: Cloud chamber; Cathode ray oscillographs; Oscilloscopes; Muons
Production number: JOUZ357B
Videofinder number: 2780
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