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Mike Pentz introduces the unit. He discusses the importance of the Millaken oil drop experiment and gives a definition of elementary particles. Russell Stannard with a model of the apparatus for pe...rforming the Millaken oil drop experiment. He uses the model to show how the apparatus works. The experiment is demonstrated on the model. Stannard with the actual apparatus points out the individual parts and explains their function Reconstructed film of the experiment being performed. Camera is put to the microscope so the action of the droplet can be seen. Stannard asks students to use the readings obtained during the experiment to determine whether or not the charges have elementary character. Pentz with a beam turner. The electron beam is seen on a screen. With a bar magnet, Pentz deflects the beam. He demonstrates further by holding a magnet to a TV screen. The picture is distorted. Robert Ross with an analog of a mass spectrometer. He rolls ball bearings of a different mass down a slope where they are deflected at different angles by a magnet. Ross, with the aid of a large movable diagram, explains how a mass spectrometer works. Ross with a small Edwards mass spectrometer. He points out and explains the functions of the various components. Still shot of the AEI model MS9 mass spectrometer at University College, London. Film shots of the MS9 mass spectrometer at University College in action. Each step of the analysis is shown in detail. Ion currents are shown on a oscilloscope and pen recorded for later examination. Ross with an enlargement of the pen recorded mass spectrum. He asks students at home to make a note of the readings and then calculate the relative abundance and atomic mass of the elements.
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Module code and title: S100, S100 Science foundation course
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Recording date: 1971-02-14
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributors: Michael Pentz; Russell Stannard; Robert Ross
Publisher: Open University
Subject terms: Electrons; Electric charge and distribution; Ionization; Particles (Nuclear physics); Mass spectrometry
Production number: JOUZ361D
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