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This week's Course Unit deals with the relation between the physical and chemical properties of an element and its position in the periodic table. We would like to demonstrate some of the procedure...s we describe in the text. The creation of the periodic table is explained. The conductivity of the elements is demonstrated and how they can be divided into metals and non-metals due to their electronic structure. Similar simple tests can be carried out to classify compounds as either ionic or covalent.
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Module code and title: S100, Science foundation course
Item code: S100; 08
Recording date: 1971-02-28
Published: 1971
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Producer: Barrie Whatley
Contributors: Michael Pentz; Len Haynes; David Johnson
Publisher: Open University
Subject terms: Chemical bonds; Periodic law; Chemical reactions; Metals--Thermal conductivity; Alloys--Thermal conductivity
Production number: JOUZ363R
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