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Not so fair trade - More and more of us are prepared to pay extra to buy Fairtrade products, but is it really money well spent? In the last year, the Fairtrade market grew by 40% to a value of Đ2...00m, while the range of products is now over 1500 items. After years as a niche product, Fairtrade seems to have finally broken through into the mainstream. Yet as the movement grows, there is concern about the premium pricing of Fairtrade products in some supermarkets, and there is dismay in some circles that the controversial food giant Nestle has been granted Fairtrade status. Bye bye nine to five - Seven million people in the UK are now economically active at night. That number is set to double in the next decade. But experts are warning that working round the clock is also putting our health at risk. The traditional 9-to-5 is becoming a thing of the past. We now work longer hours than any other country in Europe - weekends, evenings and nights. 24-hour Britain has arrived. But health experts warn that people who regularly change their sleep patterns may be at a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
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Series: The Money Programme
First transmission date: 10-03-2006
Published: 2006
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Note: This is two different programmes: 'Not so fair trade" and "Bye bye nine to five"
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Track 1 Not so fair trade
Production number: LSGB339W
Track 2 Bye bye nine to five
Production number: LSGB340P
Producers: Marianne Lueck; Adam Warner
Contributors: Jo Arendt; Anita Bearpark; Joanna Blythman; Mike Brady; Ian Bretman; Sue Dewhurst; Sharon Dyer; Max Flint; Ian Fortune; Julie Ann Greenslade; Brad Hill; Harry Hill; Steven Hurst; Sharon Kelly; John McCabe; W. M.(William Melvin); Cath Parrington; Hilary Parsons; Libby Potter; Christopher Terry; Joe Terry; Sarah Terry; Andrew Young; Gigi Young
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Subject terms: Competition, Unfair; Hours of labour--Great Britain; International trade
Production number: LSGB339W
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