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The programme explores the hidden treasures of Hadrian's Wall, a structure unique in the Roman World. A spectacular and complex stone barrier measuring 74 miles long, and up to 15 feet high and 10 ...feet thick. For 300 years Hadrian's Wall stood as the Roman Empire's most imposing frontier and one of the unsung wonders of the ancient world. Almost 2,000 years after it was built, Hadrian's Wall is proving to be a magical time capsule - a window into the human past. Archaeologists have properly excavated less than 1% of it, but they have unearthed extraordinary findings.
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Series: Timewatch
First transmission date: 26-01-2007
Published: 2007
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Duration: 00:48:48
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Director: James Hayes
Producer: James Hayes
Contributors: Lindsay Allason-Jones; Andrew Birley; Patricia Birley; Robin Birley; Justin Blake; Alan Bowman; Neil Faulkner; Anna Godsiff; Miranda Green; Eric Grove; Peter Hill; Simon James; Julian Richards; Struan Rodger
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Subject terms: Hadrian's Wall (England); Rome--Buildings, structures, etc; Vindolanda Site (Chesterholme, England)
Production number: LSGB621F
Videofinder number: 7384
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