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Your place or mine? TV7/ producer Alison Tucker; contributors Neil Sinclair, Huw Thomson, Betty Cambel ; Whose body? TV8/ producer Jeremy Cooper; contributors Kath Woodward, Veronica Haynes and Kat...e Moon ; Which body? TV9/ producer Jeremy Cooper; contributors Kate Moon, Annie Nicholas, Brendan Ingle, Giles Webber Television to call our own TV10 / producer Alison Tucker contributors Antonia Zerbisias, Kate Moon, Ian Morrison. Difference on screen TV11 / producer Alison Tucker; contributors Sheila Copps, Francois Macerola, Kate Moon.
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Module code and title: D318, "Culture, media and identities"
Item code: D318; VCR2; 2002
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 03:00:00
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Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Babies; Body image; Boxers; Butetown, Cardiff Bay; Canadian Television; CBC; City TV; Commercial culture; CTV; Descrimination of area; Exercise; Fertility; Friends of Canadian Broadcasting; Government funding; Health club; Identity; IVF; Living Well health clubs; Milton Keynes; National Culture; Ottawa; Scans; Sheffield; Social and Cultural Activities; St Thomas' club; The Pope; Toronto Film Festival; TVO
Subject terms: Abortion--Moral and ethical aspects; Body image; Environmental psychology; Fetus--Legal status, laws, etc; Group identity; Human geography; Identity (psychology); Nationalism--Canada; Popular culture--Canada; Pregnancy--Moral and ethical aspects; Self-perception; Television and politics--Canada; Television broadcasting--Social aspects--Canada; Urban anthropology; Canada --Civilisation--American influences; --Cardiff Bay
Production number: NINH20226
Available to public: no