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This programme looks at the descent of the Huygens space probe through the atmosphere of Saturn's largest moon, Titan. It's the most distant object on which a spacecraft from Earth has attempted to... land; and if all goes according to plan, the mission will send back high-resolution pictures of Titan's surface, along with streams of data from six other instruments. The programme also includes the story of the early days of the mission as the programme profiles Prof Zarnecki, one of the UK's top space scientists and lead scientist of Huygens' Surface Science Package, and reveals just what it takes to dedicate nearly two decades of your life to one job, or in this case one mission. It will also profile Cassini-Huygens' journey from Earth to Saturn, which began in October 1997 when the 5.6 tonne spacecraft Cassini was launched from Cape Canaveral. The craft has investigated Venus, Jupiter and interplanetary space during its voyage to Saturn."
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First transmission date: 14-01-2005
Published: 2005
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Duration: 01:05:00
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Producer: Paul Bader
Contributors: Mike Bird; Mike Bushrow; Athena Coustenis; Marcello Fulchignoni; Dominic Graveson; Lucie Green; Adam Hart-Davis; Guy Israel; Barrie Jones; Jean-Pierre Lebreton; Ralph Lorenz; Hasso Niemann; Andy Norton; Carolyn Porco; Bashar Rizk; Claudio Sollazzo; David Southwood; Marty Tomasko
Publisher: BBC Open University
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Keyword(s): Cassini; European Space Agency; Huygens probe; N.A.S.A.
Subject terms: Astronomy; Titan (Satellite) --Exploration
Production number: NINH20265
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