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"Beckett's best known play, Waiting for Godot is a finely wrought tragicomedy exploring the battle between the futility of life and the fundamental human desire to survive. Two men - Vladmir ...and Estragon - in a timeless setting are engaged in a perpetual, pointless entertainment that parodies the human condition."
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Module code and title: A300, 20th century literature: texts and debates
Item code: A300; DVD
Published: 2005
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Duration: 02:00:00
Note: DVD for Open University course A300.
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Director: Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Contributors: Stephen Brennan; Barry McGovern; Sam McGovern; Johnny Murphy; Alan Stanford
Publisher: Blue Angel Films,2005
Subject terms: Beckett, Samuel, 1906 -Film and video adaptations
Production number: NINH20293
Available to public: no