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1. History of equity and trusts -- 2. Mr Jarrett's predicament -- 3. Land Registration Act 2002 --4. Resulting trusts -- 5. Life's little annoyances -- 6. Tenants' rights: eviction and harassment -...- 7. Housing disrepair -- 8. Defective Premises Act 1972 -- 9. Specific performance -- 10. Tenants' repairing obligations -- 11. Assigning and subletting -- 12. Remortgaging the family home
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Module code and title: W301, Law: ownership and trusteeship: rights and responsibilities
Item code: W301; DVD1
Published: 2005
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Contributor: College of Law (England and Wales)
Publisher: Open University College of Law of England and Wales,2005
Subject terms: Equity; Land tenure--Law and legislation--England; Law--England; Property; Trusts and trusteeships
Production number: NINH20319
Available to public: no