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1. Community lives. -- 2. The best of both worlds. -- 3. Video diary. -- 4. Advocacy.
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Module code and title: K202, "Care, welfare and community"
Item code: K202; DVD
Published: 2006
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Note: DVD for Open University course K202.
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Producers: William Moult; Faith Lawrence
Contributors: Stephanie Agyrakis; Emad Uddin Ahmed; Brian Allsop; Mohammed Ayub; Karen Deighton; Jane Haskings; Glenda Jeeps; Shaheeda Khanum; Irene Kohler; Justin Macloed; Jane Marsh; Jane Marsh; Shaffaq Mohammed; Margaret Ritchie; Helen Robinson; Jack Sutton; Paul Sutton; Yvonne Wells; Peter White
Publisher: Open University,2006
Subject terms: Community health services--Great Britain; Medical care--Great Britain; Public welfare--Great Britain; Social service--Great Britain
Production number: NINH20375
Available to public: no