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The programmes on DVD1 include a study of three foreign students in French, Swedish and Hungarian with subtitles; extracts from the play Agamemnon and a study of actors in a workshop situation, explores ways of performing this classical text for a modern audience; a study of how war has affected the identities of various countries and the art of the Spanish traditional dance of Flamenco. DVD2 includes programmes which look at Romania and how Romanians are regarded by different cultures; a study of the changing countries who have ruled Alsace and how musicians from East Berlin have adjusted to the changes since the Berlin Wall fell.
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Module code and title: AAZX300, 20th century literature: texts and debates
Item code: AAZX300; DVD1 and DVD2
Published: 2006
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Track 1 DVD1 and DVD2
Module code: AAZX300; DVD1and DVD2
Track 1 DVD1 and DVD2
Module code: AA300; DVD1 and DVD2
Publisher: Open University,2006
Subject terms: Acting--Technique; British Empire; Cartography--History; Communism; Greek drama--Modern presentation; Maps; Students, Foreign; War--History; Alsace (France) --History; --Berlin (Germany) --History --20th century; --Romania --Ethnic relations; --Soviet Union --History
Footage description: These DVDs contain programmes previously delivered on video cassette for AA300 -- DVD1 -- 1. Students -- 2. Agamemnon workshop -- 3. War and memory -- 4. El Mundo de Flamenco -- 5. Maps, cultures and identities -- DVD2 -- 1. The train to Cluj-Napoca -- 2. The dangers of powerful neighbours -- 3. Jump over your shadow
Production number: NINH20458
Available to public: no