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To build the largest water garden in Europe / produced by Laura Granditer ---- To build the fastest round-the-world yacht / produced by Laura Granditer ---- To rebuild the human body / produced by... Laura Granditer ---- The Tay bridge disaster / produced by Laura Granditer ---- Engineer in a million / produced by Jane Topping.
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Module code and title: T173, Engineering the future
Item code: T173; DVD00404
Series: The challenge
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 02:27:00
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Contributors: Campbell Aird; Melissa Berry; Westley Bloxham; Lee Bruce; Mike Calvin; Dave Cochrane; Bill Craelius; Hilary Dalke; Grant Dalton; Bill Dow; Rob Duck; James Dyson; Justin Floyd; Brian Ford; Steve Fossett; Pete Goss; David Gow; Brian Hardy; Aidan Harrison; Andy Hindley; Alex Knox; Mike Kogan; Peter Kyberd; Paul Larsen; Peter Lewis; Sarah Liddell; Iain MacLeod; Tom Martin; Gordon Murrey; Barry Noble; Duchess of Northumberland; Ken Reynolds; Sophie Robinson; Stuart Robinson; Jay Schiller; Eleanor Simpson; Denis Smith; Roderick Smith; D. B. Swinfen; Adrian Thompson; Jean Watson; Vicki Williams; Peter Wirtz;
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Bioengineering; Engineering; Engineering--History; Industrial design; Industrial safety; Manufactures--Technological innovations; Product design; Product design
Production number: NINH20476
Available to public: no