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This course focuses on the essential organisational functions of human resources; marketing; operations management; information management; and accounting and finance. DVD2 supports blocks 5-7 of t...he course.
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Module code and title: B203, Business functions in context
Item code: B203; DVD2
Published: 2008
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Publisher: Open University,2008
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Subject terms: Accounting; Business; Business finance; Financial management; Management information systems; Marketing; Organisations; Personnel management; Production management
Footage description: Block 1 - Human resource management: -- Newsnight: ethical finance -- Grangemouth oil refinery: clip 1 -- Grangemouth oil refinery: clip 2 -- Silent valley: Cornish tin miners -- Block 2 - Information management: -- Hotwired: Eden project -- In business: caught in the web (audio) -- Working lunch: Fishgate -- The Money Programme: Beat the estate agent -- Click: social networking -- In business: all join in (audio) -- Block 3 - Conclusion: -- The cost of coffee (audio)
Production number: NINH20484
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