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These DVDs contain video and audio extracts to accompany blocks 1-4 of the course.
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Module code and title: SH804, Communicating science in the information age
Item code: SH804; DVD pack
Published: 2008
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Publisher: Open University,2008
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Subject terms: Communication in science; Science; Science in mass media; Science news; Science--Social aspects; Communication in science--Social aspects
Footage description: DVD1 -- Block 1 -- Video extracts: DNA case study, Solving the DNA structure, What is science?, Windscale: Britain's biggest nuclear disaster, Cox, Trench -- Block 2 -- Audio extract: Publish or be damned -- DVD2 -- Block 3 -- Video extracts: the Royal Institution, Gregory, Irwin, Jones -- Block 4 -- Video extracts: Press conference, Newsnight, Is GM safe?, Casualty@Holby, $6 billion experiment, Countryfile 1, Countryfile 2
Production number: NINH20486
Available to public: no