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The powerdown show is a 10-part TV series that takes a fresh and engaging look at the community responses to the converging challenges of climate change and peak oil. These 10 films are a core elem...ent of Cultivate's unique active-learning course: Community powerdown - training for leadership, livelihoods and local resilience. This course has been developed to support the transition movement.
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Module code and title: T214, Understanding systems: making sense of complexity
Item code: T214; DVD
Published: 2009
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Publisher: Dublin, Ireland :Cultivate Centre,2009
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Subject terms: System analysis; System theory
Footage description: The challenge ahead -- The power of community -- It's all connected -- Rethinking energy -- Getting around -- Deconstructing dinner -- Shelter -- Energy descent pathways -- Global citizenship -- Where do we go from here?
Production number: NINH20538
Available to public: no