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This video compilation consists of the following sections: Section 6, Controlling Change at Boots; Section 7, Data and Decisions; Section 8 Whipped into Action; Section 9, Managing New Markets; Sec...tion 10, Managing Information
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Module code and title: B800, Foundations of senior management
Item code: B800; VCR3
First transmission date: 1996
Published: 1996
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Duration: 01:53:41
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Track 1 Section 6, Controlling Change at Boots
Track 2 Section 7, Data and Decisions
Track 3 Section 8 Whipped into Action
Track 4 Section 9, Managing New Markets
Track 5 Section 10, Managing Information
Producer: Jan Bright
Contributors: Frank Agosta; L. J.(Les J.) Ball; Rino Bergonzi; Jeanette Bloomberg; Tony Brinklow; Colin Buchanan; Shelley Campbell; John Clayson; Phillippa Cowking; Janet Crouch; Bob Drumgold; Colin Eastham; Kate Farara; Alan Fishwick; Sue Grime; Paul Heller; Graham Hughes; Angela Jamieson; Bernadette Knox; Ric Kwan; John Laughlin; Michael Scott Morton; Tracey Nelson; Rob Paton; Hugh Phillips; Tim Piggott-Smith; Andrew Sachs; Sonja Schmidthuber; Helen Shepherd; Fiona Whitehead; Steve Wilkinson;
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Boots the Chemist; CSC Index; Hong Kong; J. Walter Thompson Company LTD; Marks and Spencers; Rowntree; Texunion Garment Company; The Royal Mail; UPS; Xerox
Subject terms: Advertising campaigns; Advertising; Customer services--Case studies; Landscape changes.--Lake District; Market surveys; Marketing; Marketing--Case studies; Marketing--Management; Questionnaires; Retail trade; Robotics; Shopping; Telecommunication
Production number: NINH30034
Available to public: no