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Tape 2 contains the following titles: Supremacy of EC Law, Introduction to the European Convention of Human Rights, Human Rights Act 1998, Warrants of Further Detention: Magistrates' Courts, Civil ...Actions against the Police, Human Rights and Criminal Justice, Free Movement of Workers, EC Workers and their families, EC Competition Law
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Module code and title: W200, Understanding law
Item code: W200; VCR2; 2004
First transmission date: 2004
Published: 2004
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Duration: 02:25:20
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Supremacy of EC Law
Track 2 Introduction to the European Convention of Human Rights
Track 3 Human Rights Act 1998
Track 4 Warrants of Further Detention: Magistrates' Courts
Track 5 Civil Actions against the Police
Track 6 Human Rights and Criminal Justice
Track 7 Free Movement of Workers
Track 8 EC Competition law
Contributors: Lynda Martin Alegi; Ian Barber; Nigel Van der Bijl; Corneliu Birsan; Clive Bishop; Nicolas Bratza; Jane Chapman; Richard Clayton; John Cook; Robert Court; Stephen Cragg; Time Eicke; Ben Emmerson; Liz Fletcher; Don Flynn; Leo Flynn; Richard Gordon; James Goudie; Coral Hill; Nicholas Khan; Paul Mahoney; Edward McMillan-Scott; Molly Meacher; Rajiv Menon; Nuala Mole; Ali Nikpay; James Quinney; Fergus Randolph; Jessica Redford; Nick Rollason; Michel de Salvia; Brenda Schwehr; Rabinder Singh; Jemima Stratford; Anne Westcott; Richard Whish;
Publisher: Open University The College of Law.
Keyword(s): EC Law; EU Institution; European Union; Treaty of Rome
Master spool number: VC1498
Production number: NINH30062
Available to public: no