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The Trustee Act 1 and 2; Provision for minors and guardians; Trusteeship today; Royal Brunei Airlines v Tan; Tracing 1 and 2
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Module code and title: W301, Law: ownership and trusteeship: rights and responsibilities
Item code: W301; VCR2; 2005
Recording date: 2004
First transmission date: 2005
Published: 2005
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Duration: 01:25:30
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 The Trustee Act 1 and 2
Track 2 Provision for minors and guardians
Track 3 Trusteeship today
Track 4 Royal Brunei Airlines v Tan
Track 5 Tracing 1 and 2
Publisher: OU The College of Law.
Subject terms: Equity; Land tenure Law and legislation England; Law England; Property; Trusts and trusteeships
Master spool number: VC1530
Production number: NINH30068
Available to public: no