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This DVD contains a compilation of 11 film and TV drama clips.
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Module code and title: A363, Advanced creative writing
Item code: A363; DVD
Published: 2008
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Housewife 49
Track 2 Top girls
Track 3 The homecoming
Track 4 An angel at my table
Track 5 Short cuts
Track 6 The hours
Track 7 The piano
Track 8 Notes on a scandal
Track 9 The singing detective
Track 10 Mr Wroe's virgins
Track 11 Her big chance
Publisher: Open University,2008
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Subject terms: Authorship--Technique; Autobiography--Authorship; Creative writing; Playwriting; Fiction--Authorship; Motion picture authorship; Playwriting; Poetry--Authorship; Style, Literary
Footage description: Housewife 49 -- Top girls -- The homecoming -- An angel at my table -- Short cuts -- The hours -- The piano -- Notes on a scandal -- The singing detective -- Mr Wroe's virgins -- Her big chance
Production number: NINH30094
Available to public: no