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Questions of sovereignty;Traditions and the environment;Wrapping up the themes
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Module code and title: D103, Society and social science: a foundation course
First transmission date: 1991
Published: 1991
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Duration: 02:40:00
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track listing for this programme
Track 1 Questions of sovereignty
Production number: FOUD473X
Module code: D103; 7
Track 2 Traditions and the environment
Production number: FOUD410S
Module code: D103; 14
Track 3 Wrapping up the themes
Production number: FOUD474R
Module code: D103; 16
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Costa Rica; Equal opportunities; European community; Green movement; Helen Marshall case; Studying; Using television
Subject terms: Ecology--Great Britain--Social aspects; Environmental policy--Great Britain; Environmental protection--Great Britain; Natural resources--Great Britain; Sovereignty; European Economic CommunityGreat Britain --Economic conditions --20th century; --Great Britain --Politics and government --1945-
Production number: NINH30122
Available to public: no