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Difference on screen TV11;Television to call our own TV10
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Module code and title: D318, "Culture, media and identities"
Item code: D318; 11
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Duration: 00:58:07
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Track 1 Difference on screen TV11
Production number: FOUD538E
Module code: D318; 11
Track 2 Television to call our own TV10
Production number: FOUD537K
Module code: D318; 10
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Canadian Television; Commercial Culture; Friends of Canadian Broadcasting; Government Funding; National Culture; Toronto Film Festival
Subject terms: Motion pictures--Political aspects--Canada; Motion pictures--Social aspects--Canada; Nationalism--Canada; Popular culture--Canada; Television and politics--Canada; Television broadcasting--Social aspects--Canada; Canada --Civilisation--American influences
Production number: NINH30127
Available to public: no