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This video contains the six TV programmes that accompany DD201.
Metadata describing this Open University video programme
Module code and title: DD201, Sociology and society
Item code: DD201; VCR
First transmission date: 2002
Published: 2002
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Duration: 02:56:20
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 At home TV1
Production number: JOUA111H
Module code: DD201; 1
Track 2 At the local TV2
Production number: JOUA182P
Module code: DD201; 2
Track 3 Manchester divided TV3
Production number: JOUA113W
Module code: DD201; 3
Track 4 Driving while black TV4
Production number: JOUA114P
Module code: DD201; 4
Track 5 The museum of conflicting histories TV5
Production number: JOUA1155
Module code: DD201; 5
Track 6 Private Lives TV6
Production number: JOUA116D
Module code: DD201; 6
Producer: Lasko Claire
Contributors: Joe (TV1) Duttine; Sarah Pink; Tony Chapman; Tracey Mills; Angus Mills; Paula Taylor; Roy Taylor; Gary Taylor; Roy Taylor Jnr.; Steve Taylor; Joe (TV2) Duttine; ; Diane Watson; Chris Holmes; Tony Watson; Neil Kelso; Linda Kelso; Julian Grocock; Robert Parker; Karen Jones; Andrew Knight; Jo Cumming; Gerry (TV3) Mooney; Linda Janes; Dave Haslam; Bev Skeggs; Tony Martin; Lynda Shentall; Richard Leese; Brian Lund; (TV4)David Harris,; Damon Lynch; Kevin Osborne; Anees Farden; Ronald Kesey; Scott Johnson; Al Gerhardstein; Jay Rothman; Ronald J. Twitty; Eck John; Tony (TV5) Bennett; Isobell Coe; Bain Atwood, Hage, Ghassan Wadjularbinna; Tim Rowse; Dawn Casey; Mike Smith; Sophie Jensen; Margo Neale; Keith Windshuttle; Annie (TV6) Adams; Colette Osborne; Deborah Lynn Steinberg; Jeffrey Weeks;
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ethnography; Pub
Subject terms: Australia--History; Families--Sociological aspects; Families; Gay couples; Home ownership--Social aspects; Housing--Sociological aspects; Lesbian couples; Multiculturalism; Police--United States; Racism; Social class; Urban renewal--England--Manchester
Footage description: At home TV1 ; At the local TV2 ; Manchester divided TV3; Driving while black TV4 ; The museum of conflicting histories TV5 ; Private Lives TV6
Production number: NINH30177
Available to public: no