Looking after your mental health is particularly important at this time of year. Christmas can be a wonderful time for many people, but it can also put us under all kinds of different stresses and ...pressures. This session will introduce five key ways that you can take care of yourself and those around you over the festive season: 1. Give. Christmas is about giving, but this doesn’t have to mean material things. 2. Be active. It can be hard to be active during the short winter days, but staying active is important for mental health. 3. Keep learning. There’s always something new to learn, and not just from your OU studies! 4. Connect. Christmas gives us an opportunity to connect with the people we care about. 5. Take notice. Find the time to stop and pay attention to the little things. What are you most looking forward to giving the people you care about? How connected do you feel with them? Join us and let us know what’s motivating and challenging you this Christmas.