Over the course of this session, Jonquil will be discussing the following areas: • How to be clear about your goals, including statistics on OU students who have career goals; PDP resources to h...elp you plan; investigating the OU careers website for ideas of jobs relevant to your qualification; and the careers advice available if you’re a registered student and for three years after you’ve finished your OU study. • Qualification pathways. These usually comprise a spine of core modules but include other options too. This part of the session covers things to think about when choosing your options and where to get advice on choosing modules. • Are you ready for your next module? This part of the session takes a look at OpenLearn courses that can beef up your skills in any area you’re worried about. (Also includes a look at FutureLearn.) • Additional recognition – a look at OpenLearn badged open courses (BOCs), including employability skills, and OpenLearn courses on volunteering as a way of gaining relevant work experience. • Changing your qualification. Can it be done? When is the best time to think about doing it? Also includes a look at Open degrees. • The importance of being able to articulate your skills to employers.