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This programme looks at the prehistoric world and tells how our views have been changed dramatically by the emerging disciplines of Palaeontology and Geology.
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Module code and title: S193, Discovering science
Item code: S193; VCR1
First transmission date: 2001
Published: 2001
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Duration: 00:29:19
Note: ;This programme is also TV05 of S103 Discovering Science
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Producer: Bill Young
Contributors: Michael Bassett; Peter Capaldi; S.(Simon) Conway Morris; Peter Sheldon
Publisher: BBC Open University
Footage description: Footage - Presenter walking across rocks containing ammonites. Fast-cut montage of animals. Armadillo running. Bones on landscape. Vultures. Timelapse clouds. Trilobite fossils (0'13"-1'31") - Dinosaur animation. Gerbil. Paeleontologist scraping rocks with knife. Fireball. Animation of impact of comet with earth. Rocks in Colorado. Asteroid animation, explosion and cloudy sun. Animation of explosion on earth and falling red rain. Sunset over water. Sea creature animation. Red sea and cloudy sun (1'32"-4'48") - Norfolk coast. Amateur video of the excavation of the "West Runton elephant". Cave paintings. African elephant. Amateur video of excavation of "West Runton elephant". Elephant conservation lab. Remains of "West Runton elephant". Hyenas feeding (4'49"-7'51") - Sea. Man walking on beach. Books on shelf. Book written by Georges Cuvier. B/w print of Cuvier. Illustrations of bones and teeth from Cuvier's book. Sunset (7'52"-10'00"). Painting: "Excavation of the mastodon", including detail. Illustration of mastodon. Bone drawings. Elephant eating. Illustration of 19th century excavators. Sandstorm. Dinosaur bones in ground. Volcano. Tidal wave. Timelapse flooding. Lightning. Desolate landscape. Icy landscape. Timelapse clouds (10'01"-13'00") - Aerial views of glacier and mountains. Illustrations of dinosaur landscape, mammoth hunters and dinosaurs. Precambrian to Jurassic timeline. 210 million year old rocks. Sediment table (13'01"-15'49") - Cover and first page of "Principles of Geology" by Charles Lyell. Illustration of Charles Lyell. Fold-out picture of volcano. Waves. Desert. Sand dunes. Timelapse clouds. Crashing waves. Cliffs. Waves crashing on rocks. Arched sediments in cliffs. Aerial view of coastline. Layers of rock from Jurassic period. Fossil of ichthyosaurs (15'50"-19'52"). Rodent in large dinosaur skull. Shots of various wild animals. Animation of map showing extinction of 'giant' species from different continents. Animation of disappearing mammoth (19'53"-21'23") - Prehistoric human hunters (actors). Elephants and giraffes. Tundra, reindeer. Buffalo. Elephant. Mammoth illustration. Globe animation showing migration range of mammoth. Tundra scenes. Clouds. Ice coring sequence. Melting ice. Palm trees. Aerial scrubland. Tundra. Misty lake. Aerial pine forest (21'24"-25'05") - Prehistoric human hunters (actors). Computer simulation of model of colonisation of North America by humans and mammoths. Hunters and mammoths. Computer graph extracting information from simulation (25'06"-26'44") - Aerial arctic landscape. Lake. Slow motion tree cutting sequence. Fast-cut sequence of endangered species. Tree falling (26'45-28'09").
Master spool number: DOU9529
Production number: VC1267
Videofinder number: 5510
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