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This programme looks at how different societies deal with death and dying. Firstly it compares the 19th century British attitude to TB with our 20th century attitude to AIDS and cancer, Next, it lo...oks at our attitudes to ageing and show how one nursing sister challenges our taboos against ageing bodies by doing massage with patients in her geriatric ward. Then examples of different funerals from around the world are shown to emphasize that death is socially constructed. Finally the distinction is drawn between the 'natural' and the 'social' body, with reference to 16th, 17th and 18th century paintings.
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Module code and title: K260, Death and dying
Item code: K260; 01
First transmission date: 1993
Published: 1993
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Alison Tucker
Contributor: Beverley Anderson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Ageing; Geriatric Ward; Massage Treatment
Footage description: Footage - Hands under running water. Two glasses brought together. Fist. Warrior's painted fist. Hands holding an item whilst hammering. Two hands held in a greeting. Drums banged with hands. Clapping. Hands pulling a bell rope. Hand releases soil. Hand turning whilst petals are falling on it. Young boy's hand placed on top of an older female's hand (0'01"-0'40") Hogarth's etching. The English dance of death. Two buddhist monks blowing horns, pans out to show hillside. Birds in flight. Birds on ground. Buddhist monks in back ground looking at bird in the fore ground. Footage of Steven Bilko's funeral (0'42"-1'51") Round coffin being raised and lowered in a Balinese funeral, surrounded by a crowd. Round coffin being carried on a tower by several people. B/w footage of Queen Victoria's funeral. B/w still Hogart's etching. Colour etchings (1'52"-3'25") Lady of Shalott. painting of a suicide. Painting of someone suffering with tuberculosis. B/w still of carer and patient. B/w etchings. Paintings of John Keates; Edgar Allen Poe; Charlotte Bronte; Paginini. B/w still from a film of a couple. B/w still Garbo. B/w still from film of female carried in male's arms. Painting of Chopin. Chopin's death mask by Clesinger. B/w sketch of sick female. Painting of two females (3'26"-6'15") Painting of Marie Bashkirtseff. View of coffin in the back of a hearse interspersed with views of the driver. Views of a funeral in a church. Coffin with flowers. Coloured still of a male. B/w still of a male. Coloured still of a female. Coloured still of older female and young boy both holding recorders. Elderly couple seated each holding a mug of tea. Elderly couple kissing (6'16"-7'57") Helen Passant massaging an elderly patient interspersed with close-up of Helen talking (7'58"-11'45") Sally Johnson. Views of Sally massaging an elderly woman's hands. View of common room in old peoples home (11'46"-14'17") Close-up of elderly female patient. Female passes a flower to a young boy who puts it to the nose of the elderly female patient (14'18"-14'36") Funeral procession in Bali. Funeral procession goes along the beach. Tower carried by several people. Tower and hand made bulls on fire (14'37"-15'34") Chinese funeral procession. Coffin pulled along on a cart by horses, the attendees are dressed in white. Mexican funeral with dressed skeletons. Lit candles on a coffin. Women painting a grave. people laying yellow flowers. Man walks by grave. Young boy. General views of people at the funeral in the cemetary. Priest. Men playing musical instruments. Lit candles. Sweets shaped as a skeleton skull (15'35"-16'56") Men playing instruments. Cocoa pod. View of male camera moves down to show coffin shaped as cocoa pod. Coffin shaped as a canoe. Canoe shaped coffin carried away. Man painting tuna shaped coffin, second male joins him. Funeral procession with tuna coffin. B/w obituary notice. Males making a taxi shaped cofin. Taxi coffin on top of a moving land rover. Views of funeral procession with taxi coffin. View of priest inside church conducting the funeral of the taxi driver (16'57"-19'39") Views of Hell's Angels drinking from cans. View of hearse with red and white, Hell's Angels can be seen through the windscreen. Undertaker walks in front of hearse. Hell's Angels on bikes are lined up on the road, then they follow the hearse. Coffin carried by Hell's Angels (19'40"-20'13") Painting of "The Judd marriage". Unton memorial picture. Paintin "Sir Thomas Aston at the death bed of his wife". B/w still of engravings by William Blake. Colour painting of pugatory (20'14"-23'34") Coffin put on resting place in church. View of the congregation from the rear of the church. Coffin (23'35"-24'15") Male by bird shaped coffin (24'16"-24'27")
Master spool number: DOU7162
Production number: VC1507
Videofinder number: 5823
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